UpSki Harness 02The newest UpSki harnesses are simple, comfortable, and un-inhibiting.  We have made the harness earsier to put on and reduced bulk. Packing down to the size of a typical 1L water bottle and weighing only 1 pound our harness is among the lightest and most supportive on the market.

Made from a single layer extremely durable nylon fabric, the harness stretches under load to conform to your torso and eliminates high pressure point loads common in other harnesses. We’ve changed the paths of straps to reduce the number of buckles.  Now the harness requires just 3 buckles and still offers 7 points of adjustment.


  • Full body harness for added support & comfort
  • Waterproof fabric adds warmth & cuts the wind.
  • bright orange attachment points ensure a proper clip.
  • Emergency release handle on the shoulder strap
  • Safety hook knife

Sizing: Small, Medium, Large